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Hello friends,

During the first 6 months of 2023, the CAC provided:

158 child forensic interviews

35 medical evaluations

>475 mental health sessions

>520 victim advocacy encounters

94 trauma screenings

59 ACEs screenings

12 MDT case review meetings; 177 cases involving more than 215 children reviewed

OMS Survey Comments (caregivers)

What did you appreciate the most about your experience at the Center?

"Everything from the welcoming atmosphere, the in-depth explanation of resources available, and the friendly/approachable attitude of the workers."

“All the kindness, understanding, and support.”

“How friendly and kind everyone is at the center; my daughter and I felt safe and welcomed.”

“Everyone was so warm, kind, and welcoming. They made what was an uncomfortable situation walking into as comfortable for myself and my children as they could. They made us feel safe.”

“How respectful and safe they make you feel.”

“Explained everything that was going on for me and my child.”

“Transparency and willingness to advocate and provide resources.”

“Calm and friendly environment.”

“The kindness of staff and overall support.”

“Everyone was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.”

“Professional and courteous staff.”

“Friendly, warm, welcoming.”

“The support that the staff offered to my child was very helpful in making her feel safe and comfortable.”

OMS Survey Comments (Youth)

What did you like about the Center?

“I liked how they helped me with all the stuff going on at home.”

“The people are helpful and listen.”

“They were very nice and kind.”

“They helped me feel safe.”

“It’s nice and I could actually talk and I could stay calm by drawing.”

“It’s quiet.”

“It was great.”

“People are kind.”

“I like the people who work here and that they have a whole room of toys and books to read and play.”

“I like that they make me feel comfortable and safe I like that in the waiting room there is a lot of good games.”

“I liked that they ask for snacks, offer you stuff, and are very supportive and very accepting.”

“Very kind and made me feel welcome.”

“The people are very welcoming.”


Stay safe and take good care, 


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