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Judy Federline is our person of the month for August. Judy retired from MCSP after 33 years in the classroom. After joining Frederick Women’s Civic Club, Judy discovered the fledgling Friends of the Child Advocacy Center (FCAC) and joined in 2007. She accepted the position of Treasurer in 2011 when the current treasurer moved out of state. In 2012 she was elected to the position which she held for six years. During this time, as our fundraising and work load increased, so did the demands of her position. Judy helped clean up the overgrown Bonita Maas Park to prepare for its dedication as The Healing Garden, participated in child care at the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) during their programs, and helped the CAC at their booth during the Children’s Festival. She continues to volunteer for our holiday gift programs, selling shopping coupons for Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends, is a mentor for CAC clients, helps run the annual basketball fundraiser in April, and participates in many of the FCAC’s events. Judy is a wonderful example of the active participation needed for all volunteer organizations such as ours. Thank you to Judy Federline, for all you have done and continue to do.​

This month we put our Volunteer Spot Light on Leah Johnson. Beginning in 2002, Leah began the work to form an organization to augment the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in its efforts to help young victims of child maltreatment and their non-offending family members. She worked tirelessly with other members of Frederick Woman’s Civic Club and, in 2006, obtained the 501(c)3 status for Friends of the Child Advocacy Center. This designation was instrumental in allowing us to raise funds and manage contributions to support the work and the people associated with the CAC. She served two terms as president increasing the efforts to help CAC clients. As a past president, Leah continued to participate in fundraising efforts, helped establish The Healing Garden at Bonita Mass Park, wrote the poem, “An Ode to our Healing Garden,” which is posted in the garden at 7 W. 2nd Street, and began a mentoring program for children and parents.

Because of her past contributions and continued work to make Frederick a better place for children, we select Leah Johnson as our first Spot Light Volunteer. We applaud and thank Leah Johnson.

In the month of July, we honor Cindy Miller as our person of the month. Cindy, a retired FCPS teacher, joined Friends of the Child Advocacy Center (FCAC) in 2007 in a continuation of her passion to help children. In 2009, she accepted the position of Corresponding Secretary which eventually included originating the website (with the help of Bruce Johnson) and starting our Facebook page. She was elected president in 2012 and led our organization for six years. During this time, our efforts to help the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and to raise awareness of child maltreatment expanded. Cindy initiated the creation of The Healing Garden at Bonita Maas Park at 7 W. 2nd Street, which honors those who have suffered child abuse and those who have lost the battle; redecoration of the CAC; furnishing all new toys for the CAC; funding a facility dog, beginning and expanding a holiday gift program for clients and their non-offending siblings; increased fundraising efforts include Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends, FOP Golf Tournament, and an annual Basketball game; helped Leah Johnson institute a mentoring program; and coordinated FCAC’s events. Cindy continues to be part of the mentor group and an active member of FCAC even though she has moved out of state.​

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