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Hi Friends! 


It's been a while since I've seen many of you, but I'm excited that April is near and I'll have many chances to visit! I'm doing really well and it seems every day is a surprise. I never know if I'm going to have a rest day at home, if I'm headed to the "Big Office" (DSS), or if I'm going to my favorite place -- the CAC -- to work with Meghan. I go to the CAC on Wednesdays (most of the time) and on special request. My mom worried that the inconsistent schedule would bother me, but I like having a surprise every morning and am really good at "going with the flow." 


Mom told me that she and Robin are scheduling another Reading with Heiress tour. I'm really looking forward to that .... being the guest of honor is so much fun! 


Thanks, as always, for the support you provide to me and, most importantly, the awesome kids that visit the CAC. You sure do know how to keep us spoiled! Oh, speaking of ... my mom is changing my food to the "low calorie" variety. Since you guys foot the bill, can you tell her that I'm not a fan of dieting 😜



🐾 Heiress (and Kristen) 

Heiress 042024.jpg

Anyone who is familiar with the CAC knows that Heiress gives the children a great sense of comfort and helps in their healing from the trauma they've suffered from abuse. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we've purchased a mini version of Heiress for them to take home. These are already a huge hit and puts a big smile on their faces!  


For an introduction to the CAC's assistance dog, Heiress, please visit the link below. County Spotlight: Heiress

Kristen Dunn, Heiress' handler, provides information of her and Heiress' roles at the CAC. Heiress is a very important member of the CAC team in supporting the children and families who experience abuse.

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